Operate a Rigid Dump Truck
Operate a Drill Rig
Operate an Excavator
Operate a Front End Loader
Operate a Face Shovel
Operate a Dozer
Operate a Tractor Loader Backhoe
Operate a Hydraulic Rock breaker
Operate a Motor Grader
Operate a Skid Steer Loader
Drill holes using a Small Diameter Rotary Drill
Drill holes using Down the Hole Drill
Operate a mechanical core drill
Hand Operated Fire Fighting Equipment
Deploy drill string to retrieve gravel
Prepare drill string for retrieving gravel
Recover Drill String
Support Drill String operations
Support drilling operations in surface mining
Handle dimension stone blocks by means of FEL
Drill holes for blasting or splitting
Drill intersecting holes for diamond wire sawing
Supervise the process of small bore drilling
Drill medium diameter blast holes
Operate a mixer-placer explosives truck
Drill small blast holes with a precision drill
Knowledge and ability to work in a surface mine
Repair a rotary drill
Remove and replace (OTR) wheels and tyres
Move trailing cable using cable Reeler
Relocate material using a Dragline
Deliver compressed air using a mobile compressor
Transport and distribute explosives (Light)
Transport and distribute explosives (Heavy)
Relocate machines and equipment using a lowbed
Filling blasting holes with mixer truck
Doze material using a rubber wheel dozer
Transport material and equipment using a flat back
Transport personnel material and equipment (Light)
De-water blast holes (Vehicle de-watering pump)
Bar down loose rocks using appropriate equipment
Prepare and mark off work area for drilling
Suppress dust using a water bowser
Illuminate an area using a lighting plant
Transport and distribute fuel using a Fuel Bowser
health and safety
Operate a service truck
Demonstrate an understanding of drilling technique
Operate Mobile Machinery for Surface Excavation Op

Surface Mining 


Surface mining, method of extracting minerals near the surface of the Earth. The three most common types of surface mining are open-pit mining, strip mining, and quarrying.