Use mathematics to investigate and monitor
Rational and irrational numbers and number systems
Range of patterns and functions and solve problems
Explore shape and motion in 2 & 3 dimensional
Investigate life related problems
Perform basic fire fighting
Maintain and Adapt oral-signed communication
Write-present for a defined context
Use language and communication
Access and use information from texts
Working at heights
Operate a scraper
Operate a Skid Steer Loader
Operate a wheeled dozer
Operate a backhoe loader
Operate a track dozer
Operate a rigid body dump truck
Operate a tip truck
Operate a grader
Operate an Excavator
Operate an articulated dump truck
Operate a face shovel
Operate a front end loader
Operate a water cart
Operate a Tractor
Operate a roller



To provide skills development services to the construction sector, to implement the objectives of the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS III) and to ensure that people obtain the critical or scarce skills that are needed to build the capacity of the construction sector to become economically sustainable and globally competitive.