About Licence Wise Training Specialists

Licence Wise Training Specialists (Pty) Ltd was established by Marius Heystek, who is a registered ETDP Practitioner with TETA, CETA and the MQA, and who is passionate about training, development, skills transfer and health and safety in the workplace. He also realized the lack of hands on knowledge and skills within South Africa and he challenged these demands, and dedicated his knowledge and skills to Clients and their employees.

The Company’s trained workforce has grown substantially since 2005 and we have succeeded in opening branches in the Northern Cape and Mpumalanga. Our Head Office is based in Gauteng from where the Learner Program Development and an ETQA departments are run.

Licence Wise Training Specialists (Pty) Ltd responds to any Client needs anywhere within South Africa and beyond its borders. Our Client base extends from Northern Cape, Mpumalanga, Botswana and Liberia

Licence Wise Training Specialists (Pty) Ltd has been registered as an Accredited Training Provider with TETA since 2005, CETA since 2011, the MQA since 2015 and ETDP SETA in 2018. We are in the process of applying for accreditation with the QCTO to offer occupational qualifications.

Our main focus is training in the Mining, Construction and Lifting Industries as well as developing customised learning programs (client specific), quality assuring PoE’s, issuing of certificates (SETA specific) and operator licenses. We offer accredited Facilitators, Assessors, on-site Moderators, candidate database and uploads on the various SETA’s NLRD.

Licence Wise Training Specialists (Pty) Ltd established a training center in Kathu, Northern Cape in 2017 and in Middelburg Mpumalanga in 2019. We offer Driver Training (Codes: EB, C1, EC, A & A1) and K53 Learner Licence (Kathu only), Working at Heights, Basic Rigging, Advanced Rigging, Scaffolding, Fire Fighting, Truck Mounted Crane, and Convey Dangerous Goods by Road accredited training.


Mission “Thuto ke Matla”


Quality –                We strive to provide reliable services of high standards.

Consistency –       Conformed approach to set standards.

Credibility –          Conforming constantly to comply with established and verified accredited outcomes.

Integrity –             We “DO” what we “SAY”.

Transparency –    Mutually agreed respect, accountability, and honesty between LWTS, Employees and

                               our Clients, dependable enough to bear scrutiny.

Commitment –      Articulating a consistent team effort and inspired positive attitude to provide a reliable

                               service towards colleagues and our Clients.

Efficiency –           To implement smarter methodologies to enhance accuracy, quality and effort to

                               accomplish key outcomes.

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