Welcome To License Wise Training Specialists

We Offer Specialised Training and Services in The Following Sectors:

Health and Safety, Lifting and Earthmoving Equipment Used in Construction and Mining

Our training encourages positive safety attitudes, provides skills development and hands on knowledge by experienced registered assessors in the specific fields required to ensure a safer, more productive working  environment.
We strive to meet our clients’ needs by providing the highest standards in formative and summative outcomes based training. We cover Qualification requirements, Manufacture and Client specifications in all our training programmes, if required.

Empowering leaders today with the Knowledge & Skills of Tomorrow

Value-Added Training Services

Safety Training, Driver Training, Lifting Training, Learner Programme Development. (training Material Development)

We offer Manufactures Specification as well as Generic specification Services to satisfy all of our Clients Training needs.

We custom build your training needs, and transfer these skills to your employees.

Database Management
Operator licenses
Issuing  of Certificates 
Upload of credits to the NRLD
Internal/on Site Moderation
Quality Assurance

The needs that we address are:

Legislative Quality Training and Development on Transport, Earthmoving machines and Trackless Mobile Machines.
The value we bring is ensuring that our maximum amount of “Hands on Knowledge” and skills are transferred to our clients and their employees.
Licence Wise Training Specialists (Pty) Ltd has also achieved the title of an Accredited Training Provider with TETA , CETA, MQA and ETDP SETA.